RJ45 Ethernet Port

Know all You can about the RJ45 Ethernet Port

Ever noticed the LAN port on your computer or wireless router? That LAN port is also known as an Ethernet port of your device. You may see several LAN ports on your router or computer. So what is an Ethernet port? An Ethernet port is a socket through which you can attach the RJ45 connector. These ports are used to bring a networking device to the hub of networks. If you want to accumulate the devi... »

Tech Support

What is Tech Support and How Can They Help Efficiently Setting Up a Device

When the customers run into some kind of difficulty with your product, they try to contact your support team. But when the problem is related to the IT or computer, then they try to contact the technical team. It doesn’t matter whether the problem has occurred because of user error or technical error, they just want their issue to be solved so that the work is continued. So in this article, you wi... »

802.11 and its Standards

What is 802.11 and What are its Many Standards?

People often face an array of choices and confusing abbreviations, whenever they look to buy new wireless networking equipments such as wireless extender, wifi router etc. Many products have wireless standards such as 802.11ac, 802.11a, 802.11b/g/n etc. which is a simple term are known as Wi-Fi technologies. Current wireless extenders come with different wifi technologies such as wifi range extend... »

Is antivirus software essential for your new PC?

Is antivirus software essential for your new PC?

Have you ever lost your crucial documents or files due to viruses and malwares? Even if the answer to that is no, you have to keep yourself ready in case of viral attacks being made against your computer system. By keeping your PC and software updated, applying best security practices and using common sense may help to protect you and your data. But none of this will protect you when a new piece o... »

What are Some Basic Steps to Keep Your Home Network Secured

What are Some Basic Steps to Keep Your Home Network Secured

As we all know that our country is over billion in population, and a very small percentage of the population is securing their Internet connection. A very few people take action to secure their personal network. Many of us use Broadband Internet connection, and it is very simple to secure the home network. If your connection is not secured, you may be inviting a huge amount of trouble your way. In... »


Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Antennas

As we all know the importance of wireless devices is very major in our lives. Despite using wireless device and peripherals, have you ever thought how do wifi devices work? WiFi wireless networking works by transmitting radio signals on a specific frequency. Radio signal transmitters are built into WiFi enable devices like routers, laptops, wifi antenna booster, wifi range extender etc. You may ha... »