What are the advantages of using an Access Point?

What are the advantages of using an Access Point?

A Wireless Access Point is a networking device which allows wireless wifi devices to connect to a wired network. It is a device which creates a WLAN and it sends and receives the wireless signals. A wired Access Point is connected to a router and a power source via an Ethernet cable. If you have a big house and your router is not providing you seamless signals in your home then you should go for Access Points. Large office spaces with heavy traffic can also benefit from and utilize the Access Points. With the proliferation of wireless mobile devices, wireless internet access has become a trend. So it is very important to look at the wireless Access Point advantages.

If you are looking for wireless Access Point for business or their advantages then you are at the right place as we are going to discuss them in this article. Below are some of the advantages of wireless Access Points.

Wireless Access Point advantages

  1. Increases users access
    An ordinary router can support a limited number of devices at a time, usually no more than 10. On the other hand, Access Points can handle 60 devices simultaneously. Access Points are a better option for large area requiring wireless coverage as it has stronger ability to receive and send signals.
  2. More coverage
    The range of signal transmission of a wireless router is just a few meters and if you go far from your router, signals will be lost. An Access Point helps you here as it provides a wide coverage area. It can cover up to 100-300 meters and a user can roam easily from one room to another without experiencing any network interruption. An Access Point not only increases the area coverage but it also increases the bandwidth. Especially for enterprises, their office space is quite large and the numbers of wireless network users are more, so to avoid low signal strength and less coverage the Access Points is the best option available to them.
  3. Flexible networking
    Wireless networking in commercial locations often involves the use of many wireless devices. The networking mode of a wireless router is less flexible. On the other hand, an Access Point provides you with a variety of modes which makes it very flexible and simple. Also, the Access Point controller helps to manage the AP in a centralized way which makes it more easy to use.
  4. Multi-AP interconnection
    An enterprise designs a wireless program according to their actual situation. Multi-AP interconnection helps them to take the best of the network. Multi-AP interconnections are found in businesses and not at home. It helps to increase the coverage of wireless network and allow you to roam seamlessly in the network without losing your connection.



An Access Point has a lot of benefits for a business as it provides wide range, strong signal strength and supports more users whereas a wireless router is aimed mainly at house users to meet the requirements of a family. If you are not satisfied with your router, then you should go and buy an Access Point. The best Access Point which you can get in the market is WicommFi Range Extender which can be used as a range extender as well as an Access Point. It is one of the best wireless Access Points for business. WicommFi range extenders can be converted to Access Points and can increase the network coverage and the bandwidth. You can easily convert the range extender to Access Point by changing your extender to AP mode. Then connect it with your business router using an Ethernet cable and enjoy all the benefits of Access Points.

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