Best WiFi USB Adapter for Super-Fast Connectivity

Best WiFi USB Adapter

Are you looking for a solution to get good wireless connectivity for your PC or Laptop? If yes then you need a device called “Wireless USB Adapter” A WiFi USB Adapter is a small device that can make your PC or Laptop wire-free. This device can provide best connectivity with existing internet connection. If suddenly your laptop’s wifi adapter stopped working then in such situation you will be requiring an additional device to resolve the internet connectivity issue for your device.

An USB Adapter is a very compact and sleek device which can be plugged in to the USB port of your computer or laptop to get wireless connectivity with internet. This device is also known as WiFi dongle or WiFi Adapter. With this device you can use your PC or Laptop for creating a WiFi hotspot and share the internet connection. As we all know that a WiFi internal card (PCI or PCIe) are used for wifi functionality in any PC or Computer but these cards don’t make your device portable.

Wireless USB Adapter

Once these cards get damaged, you have to invest more money to repair or purchase a new one as these cards are very expensive. Instead of putting money to buy a new internet card you can get a USB Adapter to resolve your issue. To select a good WiFi USB Adapter you have to take care for the following things-

Take a Look on the Size-

Though, these days wireless USB Adapters are available in so many different shapes and sizes for example; Nano, mini and regular with external antennas. Always select an adapter based on your usability. If you need high range then get an adapter with external antennas which will provide you best wireless range.

Think About the Speed Requirement-

Always choose and adapter based on your WiFi requirements, nowadays USB Adapter are coming in range of 150mbps to 300mbps. USB adapters with 300 Mbps are the best choice for data communication as it provides great speed for file transfer.

Check the Compatibility-

Selection of wireless USB Adapter depends on operating system compatibility. To select the correct adapter for your PC check its OS. That USB Adapter should support Window XP/Vista/Window 7/Window8 and Mac too. Nowadays one can get a good adapter with best Window or Mac compatibility.

MU-MIMO Support-

While selecting an USB Adapter looks out for MU-MIMO support. Feature of multiple users and MIMO can give flexibility and advantage of multipath propagation. With this feature data transmission use to become more efficient and it can transmit across multiple channels. So always look for this best feature to get better connectivity for your PC or Laptop.

USB Ports 2.0 and 3.0-

Nowadays wireless USB Adapters are compatible with both ports USB 2.0 and 3.0. In older version of computers, we were using USB 2.0 but now PC and Laptops are coming with USB 3.0. So, getting an adapter with portability to use on USB 2.0 and 3.0 is a better choice as you can generate up to 480 megabits/second. USB 3.0 interface offers the 5 gigabits /second and generate 640 Mbps speed.

Type of Antenna-

These days all the USB Adapters are designed with an antenna. Some are designed with internal and others with external antennas. As we know the size of antenna s directly proportional to the signal strength. Larger size of antenna can provide more signal strength. Adapters with built in antennas are more popular these days. In these USB Adapters, antennas are enabled on the PCB.These inbuilt antennas get affected with electrical interface and to avoid such situation some of the USB adapters are now coming with external antennas.

Installation software-

Different USB Adapters are designed and manufactured with setup software. But as the technology is changing very fast in result of that setup of adapter became easy and hassle free. Most of the latest adapters are lass within built software for set up. You can get a Plug ‘N’ Play type WiFi USB Adapters for easiest setup process.

Based on the above features and specifications we are suggesting a Best USB Computer Network Adapters, which can provide you best internet connectivity through you PC or Laptop.

WicommFi Gigabit Wireless USB Adapter is a best in class device for all your internet connectivity related needs. This device can enable your computer with superfast internet. This USB Adapter is designed to give you 1.2 Gbps speed for fastest data transfer, video streaming and online gaming.

Let’s talk About the Features of this USB Adapter-

Dual Band for High Performance

This device is designed with 802.11AC dual band to give blue streak connection for your PC or Laptop. Its high gain antenna you will never face lag time in your internet speed. You can get dual bands with frequency range of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. This adapter is designed with USB 3.0 portability to provide you best data transfer speed. This WiFi adapter can work with any existing router.

Wireless USB Adapter

High Speed-

With cutting edge RTL 8812AU Realtek chipset you can get gigabit wireless speed for your laptop or PCB. This device provides three-time faster data transmission as compare to conventional USB Adapters. You can get 1.2 Gbps (2.4GHz 300Mbps + 5.8GHz 900Mbps) transmission rate for fastest connectivity and data transfer. Now you can enjoy online gaming and HD streaming without any interference.

OS Compatibility-

WicommFi USB Adapter is compatible with all the operating systems. This is most easy set up adapter with automatic driver installation technology. This technology makes this device a Plug ’N’ Play device. To connect with router, you just need to push WPS button.

Main Device Features-

  • Get transmission rate of up to 1200Mbps
  • It supports 802.11ac network protocol
  • Standard IEEE: 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, CSMA / CA with Ack, used with IEEE 802.11n

(Draft 2.0)

  • Dual Band Frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz
  • WPS one key encryption button for setup and it’s easy to use

64 / 128-digit WEP, WPA / WPA2, WPA – PSK / WPA2 – PSK encryption