How can an Access point be better than a Range Extender in a business?


Wifi is such a fascinating technology which has become an important part of our lives. Wifi technology has improved greatly in the recent years but it does not realize all the goals of every business. Different businesses have different requirements so same technology may not suffice. Thus to increase the wireless network coverage, Access points and Range Extenders are used. Access points are used in large office spaces with heavy traffic while Range Extenders are used in small offices with limited users. Let’s compare the Access point with the Range Extenders to find out why use access points and to find the best Wifi solution for you.

Access point vs. range extender

What is an access point?

An access point is a device which creates a wireless local area network (WLAN) in your office or your building. An access point is connected to a router and power source via an Ethernet cable and projects Wifi signals to the designated area. They take a direct feed from the router straight into the back of the access point itself.

For example, if you have a router on the ground floor of your building and want an internet access on the top floor of your building then you can simply install an access point on the top floor and run an Ethernet cable through your ceiling to your server room.  

What is a Range Extender?

A range extender is a device which catches the signal from the existing network and rebroadcasts them to the devices which were not able to connect with the Wifi signal. A range extender simply lengthens the reach of an existing Wifi network. One thing to be kept in mind while placing a range extender is that a range extender bounces an existing signal so they must be placed at a place where Wifi signals are already strong. You will get no results if you place them in the dead zones.

For instance, you have a dead zone at the reception area of your office and the router is placed in the other corner of your office. You can place a range extender in between both the locations where there are strong Wifi signals. The range extender will bounce back the signals to the dead zones and this will help you to access the internet in the reception area of your office.

Why use access points?

After comparing the range extender with the access points (access point vs. range extender) we get to know that range extenders are suitable for home Wifi network and not suitable for modern businesses. Following points will highlight how access points are better than range extender-

  1. Wifi range extender can support a limited number of devices at a time, usually no more than 20. On the other hand, access points can handle 60 connections simultaneously. It gives you the freedom to scale the number of devices supported on your network.
  2. Range extender helps to increase the Wifi coverage of the router but they do not increase the available bandwidth. By installing Access points you not only increase the Wifi coverage but also the bandwidth. Access points allow its user to move freely from one room to another without experiencing any network interruption.
  3. Access points can be installed anywhere in your premise where you can run an Ethernet cable. Newer models have an additional feature of Power over Ethernet Plus, now there is no need to install an outlet near the access point.
  4. Captive Portal and Access Control List is an additional feature of Access points. You can limit guest access without compromising network security.


If you already have a range extender and want to increase the coverage area then you have no other choice than to install an Access point. But if you are a user of Wicommfi range extender then you no need to worry as the WicommFi range extender are convertible to Access points and are one of the best wireless access points. You can easily convert your normal range extender to Access points and increase the wireless network coverage. You can do it simply by changing your Range extender to AP mode. Then connect it with your business router using an Ethernet cable and enjoy all the benefits of Access points.

Thus with that, we wrap up this article and we think you will find this article useful and got to know which is the best wireless access point. However, if things still seem a little tough to understand, reach out to WicommFi for resolving all your queries and converting your WicommFi extender to an Access point. Visit us at