Wifi Issues.TP-Link wireless range extender.

All QuestionWifi Issues.TP-Link wireless range extender.
johntimber asked 1 year ago

Somebody can give me a bit of advice,i have a virgin super hub upstairs in bedroom,and i have a mk802 111 downstairs connected to my tv,the mk802 connects to mu super hub no problem,only two bars on my tv screen and a speedtest only gets about 500 KB/s,so basically unusable.I can also search for virgin superhub thats upstairs from where my mk802 111 is using my wifi on my samsung galaxy s3 phone and doing a speed test i can get 30 MB/s.I hope you can understand all of this.so basically the wi fi feature on my galaxy s3 is miles better than my mk802 111.So i was wondering if i could use one of those TP-Link wireless range extender to solve my problem.Or does anybody else know what would be the best solution for me.
Please help.
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