Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Antennas


As we all know the importance of wireless devices is very major in our lives. Despite using wireless device and peripherals, have you ever thought how do wifi devices work? WiFi wireless networking works by transmitting radio signals on a specific frequency. Radio signal transmitters are built into WiFi enable devices like routers, laptops, wifi antenna booster, wifi range extender etc. You may have seen the antennas on the top or at any side of these wifi devices except laptops or phones because they have inbuilt antennas. These antennas are the key components in wireless devices and play a major role in transmitting radio signals. These antennas play the role of communication systems by picking up the radio signals and radiating outgoing wifi signals.

So in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about wireless antennas and wireless device to extend the signal throughput like wifi range extender, wifi extender antenna. Make sure you read this tutorial completely so that it becomes easy for you to understand everything instead of getting confused.


Antenna’s power gain is responsible for the signal range of the wireless device because the connection range of any wireless device depends on the power gain of the antenna. The power gain of the antenna is quoted by using two different standards. These are as follows:

  • dBi – Decibels relative to the isotropic reference antenna.
  • dBd – Decibels relative to dipole reference antenna.


Most of the wireless devices have dBi as the measuring standard rather than dBd. The higher value of power gain indicates higher levels of working, usually resulting in the higher range. You can even get a wifi extender antenna for your wireless routers if you are facing low signal strength, but the power gain is sometimes limited by the radio signal transmitter. So in this case, people go for wifi range extender or wifi antenna booster.


Some of the wireless devices have antennas designed in a way to work with radio signals in any direction. The omnidirectional antennas are commonly used in the wireless router and wifi range extender to radiate the wireless signals in all directions. This allows wireless enable mobile devices to connect to the wireless routers from any direction. The antennas on the wireless routers are similar to those on the walky-talky devices. The wireless router antennas have power gain between 2 and 9 dBi. You can even set the antennas in different angles for any desired direction according to the need.


The directional antennas are more powerful than omnidirectional antennas because they focus more radio energy in one direction. In some cases, directional antennas are used in the wireless device to extend the wireless network range. They act like a wifi range extender or wifi extender antenna. These antennas are used in cases where 360-degree coverage is not needed.


Wireless networking problems caused by weak signal strength can be solved by using wifi range extenders or wifi antenna boosters. But in the corporate sector, professionals perform a site survey to map the signal quality around the building and make a strategy to solve the issue. Professionals use additional access points where needed. This method of antenna upgrade is simple and very cost-effective. This solution fixes the weak signal quality issue, particularly on home networks.  


Sometimes adding an external antenna to a wireless device decreases the effective range of the wireless device because the power of the radio transmitter limits the signal range. So in this case, you should think of adding a WicommFi wifi range extender to your wireless network. WicommFi wifi range extender acts as a wifi antenna booster which extends your wireless network reach to the dead zones and delivering you higher Internet speeds. We hope the above article helped you with everything you need to know about wireless antennas. If you need more assistance on wireless antennas or wifi range extenders, feel free to call us on our Toll-Free number and we will be more than happy to assist you.