Know all You can about the RJ45 Ethernet Port

RJ45 Ethernet Port

Ever noticed the LAN port on your computer or wireless router? That LAN port is also known as an Ethernet port of your device. You may see several LAN ports on your router or computer. So what is an Ethernet port? An Ethernet port is a socket through which you can attach the RJ45 connector. These ports are used to bring a networking device to the hub of networks. If you want to accumulate the devices on to the network with an alternate method, you can use wifi which eliminates the use of an Ethernet cable and port (socket). In this article, you will be reading about the Ethernet cable and we will discuss what RJ45 port on laptop is?

Design of an Ethernet Port

Ethernet Port

An Ethernet port is little wider and bigger than a dock charging port of the mobile phone. So you cannot plug an Ethernet cable into a dock charging port of the phone. You will get to know if you are plugging the cable into the wrong port. Ethernet port is little rigid at the bottom and cable is also made with a clip to hold the cable inside the port. If you look at the RJ45 connector, you can see a flexible clip.

What is RJ45 Port on Laptop?

Most of the laptops include an RJ45 port on the back side to connect the wired networking devices. The Ethernet port on the back side of the laptop is connected to the Ethernet network adapter which is inside the body of the laptop. It is further attached to the motherboard of your laptop. Some of the laptops don’t have the Rj45 connector port but they support the connection of Ethernet dongles via USB ports.   

Troubleshooting Ethernet Port issues

If you are facing an issue with the Internet connection on your computer, the first thing you should consider to check is the Ethernet port. If you have an Internet connection via Ethernet cable, make sure you check whether the cable is properly plugged into the port. You may see some of the error messages like “the network cable is unplugged”. If the computer or laptop with a wired connection moves, the Ethernet connection is knocked out resulting in interruption while surfing the Internet. If your Network card driver is out of date, it may interrupt your Internet connection every now and again. In this case, you will need a driver updater tool.

Ethernet Port on Wireless Routers

Ethernet ports on the wireless routers are similar to the port on laptops. A wireless router has several RJ45 connector ports which bring the multiple devices to the network. You may see a special port on the back of the router which is used to connect the modem to the router.

Some benefits of RJ45 Ethernet Cable

In this section, we will discuss some of the basic benefits of the Ethernet cable.

  • Stability

You may have always noticed that in wireless connection, the signal is not stable. Whenever you go little far from the access point, you face signal strength issue and Internet connectivity issue. This is not the case in wired Ethernet connection. Wired connection never gets interrupted by other connection. In wireless connection, the network faces interference from other device like microwaves, Bluetooth headsets etc.

  • Flexibility

You can transfer the data at constant speed even if you are 100 meters away from the modem or router. In the case of wireless network, you don’t get this much of flexibility.

  • Security

With the Ethernet connection, you can maintain the control of your network. This helps to secure the network from any unauthorized user.


So in this article, we discussed what is RJ45 port on laptop? and how an Ethernet port looks like. If your laptop doesn’t support an RJ45 connector, you can get a WicommFi USB adapter which will eliminate the need for an Ethernet port on your laptop. WicommFi USB adapter can get your laptop connected to the Internet. We hope that this article helped you to learn about the RJ45 Ethernet port. In case you need any assistance regarding the USB adapters and Ethernet cable, feel free to call us on our Toll-Free number and we will be more than happy to assist you.