How WicommFi Extenders are Replacing Broadband Routers?

A Router is the most important part of a network as more homes and offices have multiple devices to connect and use. Various advance features are present in most of the routers which most of us don’t know how to use. These routers cost you around $200 or $300 or maybe more than that. So, to save your money, WicommFi extenders step in and change the perspective of WiFi networking. This device can b... »

Know about your WicommFi extender

Know about your WicommFi extender

The Wicommfi extender brand logo, the scan code for the QR code setup, power indicator light, network indicator light, Wi-Fi indicator light are located on the front panel of the device. The LAN/WAN port and the WPS/Reset key are located on the bottom. How WicommFi extender works? An extender works so as to expand the distance of the existing wireless network. It connects with the Wi-Fi signal of ... »

wicommfi range extender

5 ways to secure your WICOMMFI wireless network

Change the default Username & Password of Wicommfi Range Extender Every Wicommfi range extender or any other comes with generic username and password. Anyone can find the generic username and password online. It can be changed if anyone is aware of the model number. So, when you get this extender, change the username and password immediately. Not changing the same can cause real issues and the... »

wicommfi gaming extender

Best WiFi Extender for Gaming

We all know gamer can never compromise with gaming speed. If they are not getting good blazing speed, they will end up getting frustrated. It’s also not easy to get hardwired connection to console each time. ISP setup wires to a specific place which cannot be changed once it gets setup. All routers cannot cover each corner of your house. The best option that comes in everyone mind is getting a ran... »