How to setup Parental control on WicommFi Extender?

How to setup Parental control on WicommFi Extender?

WicommFi extender parental control can be setup with these three features.

  • IP Filtering-You can block any device to access internet over your network.
  • URL Filtering- Block any Website you think can be harmful for the network.
  • Wireless schedule- Set time for the internet access over the wireless.


IP Filtering

  • You need to login on the dashboard.
  • Hit advanced tab

parental control

  • Choose IP filtering.

  • Check enable and put the IP address you need to block.
  • Select protocol. (Both recommended)
  • Hit apply and restart the device.


URL filtering

  • Login in your extender dashboard.
  • Hit advanced tab.

parental control

  • Choose URL filtering.
  • Enable URL filtering

  • Add URLs you need to block.
  • Hit apply and restart your device.


Wireless schedule

  • Login in your dashboard.
  • Select wireless tab.

  • Choose the band you need to schedule. Select any band 2.4 or 5.8GHz schedule.
  • Enable wireless schedule

  • Select Days you need to block.
  • Set time for usage. Whatever time and day you select on that time internet will not work.
  • Hit apply and restart the device.



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