How to pick the best Wireless Range Extender?

How to pick the best Wireless Range Extender?

Using a wifi extender Amazon recommends is the only way that you will be able to find powerful devices which can help minimize issues related to wireless connectivity. The solutions seem easy; glide across the hundreds of available option and pick one. The paradox of choice, however, disagrees with you. It clearly says: the more that you look across, the less you’ll find. This effectively means we need to eliminate a lot of choices which are irrelevant for you. For this you need to eliminate a lot of wifi boosters as a choice. It’s important,therefore, that we break down what range extenders really are and how do they work to find a device that’s worthy of your attention.

What arewifi extenders and how do wifi extenders work?

The best of the best range extenders have one task to perform and that task is extending the range of a wireless network. This basic task of extending network is done easily by the range extending devices with assistance from your own previously underperforming router. They receive wireless connectivity from the wireless device and multiply the signals and spread them across your home or business.This can help you resolve a lot of connectivity issues which you never knew existed. Now that we have answer to the question ‘How do wifi extenders work?’ let’s find the answer to the question, ‘Why do I need wifi range extender?’

When would you need them?

Dead Zones; yep, they exist. Not only do they exist, they are the reason for so much of your pain. You should immediately look for the best wifi range extender to buy if you lose connectivity even somewhere close to the wireless router.

You should also get one if you are looking to extend the range of your previously limited wireless connectivity.

Features to consider:

If you are looking to buy a wifi network extender, make sure it is equipped with these features mentioned below which will help you make a rather great choice according to what you want.

  • Wireless compatibility: The wifi network extender that you are looking to buy must have the similar wireless standard as that of the router or higher. Anything lower and you won’t be able to surf the internet with similar speeds.
  • Single or Dual-Band: Dual-band devices are all the rage in the market today. Even the best wifi range extender in the market will not be without a dual band configuration. This is because of one simple fact that dual band connectivity allows the user to stream data till a long range with a stable 2.4 GHz band and fast data transfer speed with the 5.0 GHz band, close to the device. A dual-band range extender can work as both the indoor and as the outdoor wifi range extender.
  • Security: The device needs to have at least WPA2 personal security standard on it. Anything lower than that and the device becomes susceptible to hacks and data theft to not just a particular device, but to the entire network.
  • Looks: Along with the features, it needs to look presentable and stylish. A number ofwifi network extenders out there don’t look their part and an out of place device somehow severely damages the overall look of your place.
  • Added Features: Added features are more than welcome to this mix. This includes the ability of the wifi network extenderto behave as whatever part it is required to be connected as. The best wireless range extender in the markets today changes its functionality by becoming an access point or a wireless router whenever you want it to be.

So what’s the solution?

Devices in the market are difficult to single out. The best way out is to go with a device that in a rather cost-effective range provides long range wireless connectivity with a powerful signal multiplying ability. The WicommFi wireless range extender provides all of this and more. With a dual-band radio that allows data to be streamed at an unbelievably fast range, WicommFi Range Extender provides Gigabit level of speeds with unmatched power. You can even turn it into an access point or a wireless router with its multiple use case. Scanning its front side will let you quickly set it up in a matter of minutes. Pick up one of the best wifi range extenders available in the market today with several hundred positive wifi extender reviewsand never face the issue of dead zones and dropping connections.