What are some recommended settings preferred for Wireless Routers and Access points?

What are some recommended settings preferred for Wireless Routers and Access points?


In order to improve the performance of your wireless router and access point, you need to configure both the devices in a way that they deliver the best possible performance. So in this article, we will mention some of the recommended settings you need to perform on your wireless routers and access points. Keep going through this article and you will get to know more about the devices like wifi range extenders or access points and how they improve wifi network range.


In this section, we will mention those recommended settings preferred for wireless router and access points. So we have put together few recommended settings below. Make sure you follow these steps carefully.

1. Network Name or SSID

SSID (Service Set Identifier) or Network Name is a name for your wireless network through which your network is identified. You can choose any name according to you. We recommend setting a name that is unique and not used by other wireless networks. WiFi devices face trouble detecting your wireless network if it doesn’t have a unique Network Name. This will prevent WiFi devices from using all available bands of a wireless router. If you use a wifi range extender at your home, you can use the same network settings as of your wireless router.

2. MAC filtration or Hidden Network

Set MAC filtration and Hidden Network as disabled because hidden networks don’t broadcast their SSIDs so it will get difficult for your wifi devices to detect a wireless network and connect to it. If we talk about MAC filtration, this configuration restricts WiFi device to access wireless router. The user configures a list of MAC addresses for the WiFi router and the devices that are not on the list will fail to access wireless network. If you use any Wifi range extender or Access point, you won’t need to perform the MAC filtration settings on your WiFi range extender or Access point, as these devices pick up the configuration from your wireless router.

3. Security

As we mentioned above that enabling the MAC filtration and Hidden Network settings will leave you troubled. So we recommend following better security measures to protect your network from an unauthorized user. Assign your network a WPA2 Personal security encryption as this is currently the strongest form of security offered with WiFi devices. For compatibility, performance, reliability and the best security, choose WPA2 security encryption. You can even assign these security encryptions to your WiFi extenders or Access points.

4. Wireless Radio (2.4GHz or 5GHz)

Today we see wireless routers with dual-band technology i.e. they support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless radio signal. If you are a gaming guy who needs high-speed Internet connection, you will need to configure your wireless router for the 5GHz wireless radio signal. But if you are a person who normally surfs the Internet and doesn’t need a high-speed Internet connectivity, you will need to configure your router for the 2.4GHz wireless radio. Routers with 2.4GHz wireless radio signal have more signal strength as compared to the routers with the 5GHz radio signal. So you need to choose wisely that which radio signal is better for you as this will affect the performance of your wireless network. Nowadays, you will also see a WiFi network range extender with dual-band technology in the market.

5. Wireless Channels

Wireless channels are the channels which your wireless router or WiFi range extender uses to communicate. These channels are used to transmit data. So choosing a channel with more interference will slow down the performance of your wireless network. Let your wireless router or WiFi network range extender to automatically choose the best wireless channel.


If we summarize the whole article, the performance of your wireless router or an access point largely depends on various above mentioned recommended settings. So you should never ignore the above-mentioned settings as these can increase the performance of your wireless router. WicomFi WiFi range extender comes with 3-in-1 technology i.e. WiFi range extender, wireless router, access point. WicomFI designs its WiFi network range extender in a way that a user can take benefits from each of the technology. Range extenders and other wireless devices from WicomFi come with the easy-setup kit which means that a user can set up the device in a flick. If you want to know more about the WicomFi wireless devices, call us on our Toll-Free number and we will provide you with more information.