How do I set up a wireless range extender?

How do I set up a wireless range extender?

You know that the most annoying situation is when there is a dead spot in your wi-fi signal. I can’t tolerate it when I am streaming videos online and it starts buffering. Slow wi-fi signal completely ruins the gaming experience as well. This is the most common problem these days and maybe you have experienced it as well.

Wifi routers have become a necessary commodity in our house and yet, we face issue receiving signals at the farthest corner of our house. So what is the resolution to this? Is purchasing a new powerful and expensive router the only solution to it? Purchasing an expensive router can really be very tough on your pocket or budget.

But now, we don’t have to worry about anything because with the advent of wifi range extender we can easily get wi-fi signals even at the farthest corners of our house. Wireless range extenders improve wifi range and signals, now you can stream HD videos even from your backyard.

Wifi range extenders simply catch the signals from your existing router and bounce the signal to the devices which were not receiving good signals. Range extenders help to improve wifi signals and are a cost-effective way to take the best out of your router.

What is a Wifi Range extender?

We all have been through this while watching our favourite online TV series or playing online games, you get a good signal in the beginning but after some time you lost connectivity. Wifi range extenders or expanders are used here to streamline the wireless signals and extend the coverage area of your wifi network. This device catches and rebroadcast a wireless signal and helps to improve wifi signal from the router.

How to configure wifi range extender?

Using a range extender helps to improve wifi range and signals. You can set up your range extender automatically if your router has a direct WPS button. In case you are using an old router then you will have to setup it manually as per your needs.


The modern routers come with a WPS button. Check the back side of your router whether there is any WPS button or not. If yes, then press it. Now connect your wifi range extender to a power source and push the WPS button on it too. Both the devices will connect automatically and allows you to access the internet from any corner of your house.

Manual configuration

To improve wifi signals, range extenders are the best option. To set up the wifi range extender, you need the current wireless network’s name and passkey. You need to follow the below steps and you will be able to successfully configure your wifi range extender.

• Plug one end of the power cord into a wall socket and the other into the wifi range extender.
• Connect one end of the Ethernet cable on the back side of the router and the other in the Internet port of range extender.
• Now you need to insert one end of another Ethernet cable into the LAN port on the range extender and the other into an open Ethernet port on any computer.
• Open a web browser and type the IP address of the wifi range extender in the address field.
• Type your login credentials in the fields provided. The extender’s configuration page will open now.
• Click on the “wireless” tab and then enter the wireless network name in the SSID. Click Save.
• Go to the wireless network security type and enter the security pin.
• Unplug the Ethernet cables connecting the wifi range extender from the computer and the router.
• Finally, place the range extender within the range of the current wireless network and enjoy wireless signals throughout your house.

An extender will be properly used only when it is properly placed. Below are some of the basics you need to review to make sure that it works properly.

  1. Wi-fi range extender should match with your existing wireless hardware-
    Before you buy a range extender, ensure that your existing wireless network supports it. Check the range extender box and you will find a set of 1-2 letters after “802.11”. If these letters are AC, G, B then they are compatible with an “802.11AC” router.
  2. Make sure you are in the range of the wireless base station-
    You will have to find a place where you get full signals so that your wifi range extender gets strong signals to bounce them to other devices. By this way, your wifi range extender will be able to cover more area.
  3. Test your environment-
    After setting up your wifi range extender you should be able to access a wireless device farther from your router than before. If it is not working well consider checking the position of the extender relative to the Wi-Fi router/modem.


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