What is Tech Support and How Can They Help Efficiently Setting Up a Device

Tech Support

When the customers run into some kind of difficulty with your product, they try to contact your support team. But when the problem is related to the IT or computer, then they try to contact the technical team. It doesn’t matter whether the problem has occurred because of user error or technical error, they just want their issue to be solved so that the work is continued. So in this article, you will learn what is tech support and how can they help efficiently setting up a device. You will also learn what is technical support engineer and tech support job description. Make sure that you go through the article completely to gain knowledge on the above-mentioned title.

What is Tech-Support?

Now we will tell you what is tech support. Technical support is a type of customer communication that most of the companies use to help their customers get the most out of their products. You can also call Tech Support as home tech support as you get the guidance from the technical team while you are sitting at home. Technical support teams are responsible for handling technical errors, installation errors, user errors, and errors related to the set up of the device. The technical support team is different from the customer-support team because errors like payments, delivery and orders are handled by the customer support team not technical support team. So now I believe that you have understood what is Tech-support.

How can they help efficiently setting up a device?

In this section, we will discuss how tech support can help efficiently setting up a device. Tech support is not an easy task, as it is divided into five distinct levels. We have mentioned those five levels of tech support as follows:

1. Pre-Support

When a customer faces an issue, he first browses the web searching for solutions before contacting the tech support team. Some of the customers seek for the answers in online forums because people are keen to share their experiences with the product while there are countless customers complaining about the product. So as a company, it is important for you to control the conversations and guide users in a best possible way.

2. Self-Service (FAQs)

This is the next level of tech support which provides a user an access to the FAQs and other knowledge bases. This level is all about allowing users to self-serve to resolve the issue with the product. Having a self-service level in the tech support system resolves some of the common questions and queries.

3. Human Contact (First line of support)

Sometimes FAQs and other knowledge bases can’t provide solutions to everything. In this case, a user needs to contact any person from the company. So the first line of support is the first point of contact of the customer with someone from your company. Technicians at this level have basic knowledge about the product and may not solve the complex issues.

4. The second line of support (Complex Issues)

Only those customers reach this level who have complex issues related to the product. The issues that couldn’t be handled in the first line of support end up here in the second line of support.

5. The third line of support (Custom Support)

The third line of support deals with the cases which first four levels of support couldn’t handle. The third line of support is managed by the R&D department of the company.

You can call the above-mentioned levels of tech support as home tech support because a customer gets the support for the issues while he is sitting in the home. Home tech support systems have allowed a lot of customers to solve the issue related to the products.

Tech Support job description

Want to know about tech support job description? Technical support job is done via knowledge basis, live chat, emails or phone. The job of the technicians in tech support teams is to solve technical problems like login errors, setup errors and other technical errors. So technical support engineer contact the customer and guides him to solve the issue. Now, what is technical support engineer? A technical support engineer is a technician who has the complete knowledge about the product that customer is talking about. Now I hope that you got to know what is technical support engineer and tech support job description.


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