Best WiFi Extender for Gaming

wicommfi gaming extender

We all know gamer can never compromise with gaming speed. If they are not getting good blazing speed, they will end up getting frustrated. It’s also not easy to get hardwired connection to console each time. ISP setup wires to a specific place which cannot be changed once it gets setup. All routers cannot cover each corner of your house. The best option that comes in everyone mind is getting a range extender. Yes, getting an extender does expand your wireless coverage but decrease the speed you are looking for. Keeping that in mind WICOMMFI launched a product which perfectly fit for gamers.

The WicommFi gaming extender comes with three different modes. That means whatever is your situation this will adapt it and makes it better. No other extender can do so. You can say this extender comes with a signature move to end the match. Yes, no other extender can match this WicommFi extender.

First, it comes with easy scan ‘N ‘setup option which means simply scan the bar code given on the extender and login to setup page. No more trouble to setup the extender. Second, if your router gives you good speed but getting beat by signal strength then hooking this extender with your router can be a makeover to your network. If still not happy with its wireless connection, set it up with router and plug it near your console. Use any Ethernet cable from it to your console and make a hardwired connection.

But no chance to get upset with signal and speed with this extender as it provides higher frequency which is 5.8 GHz for streaming. A gaming console needs speed up to 300 Mbps for the best performance but it provides 750 Mbps of speed with dual band connectivity.

Moreover gaming consoles are not only for gaming, now you can watch Netflix, Plex or youtube and many more with this device. It comes with an extra feature which calls aggregation and increases the speed and makes your extender a bit aggressive. Yes, it will heat up but inventive design is used to maintain the temperature of your extender. So, you don’t face any heating failure on the extender.

Featuring Port forwarding on the extender. You don’t need to do port forwarding on the router to enable ports on the extender. We provide port forwarding and DMZ features on the extender only so it does not affect any other device with its port forwarding. Setup your extender and connect your console with enabling the port on it itself.  As changing the NAT type open on console is not safe so you can enable advance security feature which makes your network more secure and stable.


This device is tested on each gaming consoles with most of the games comes with high graphic pictures. You will never encounter any lag if you have set it up with right channel and location. In case you are facing any issues with this device then your router needs an optimization.