5 ways to secure your WICOMMFI wireless network

wicommfi range extender

Change the default Username & Password of Wicommfi Range Extender

Every Wicommfi range extender or any other comes with generic username and password. Anyone can find the generic username and password online. It can be changed if anyone is aware of the model number. So, when you get this extender, change the username and password immediately. Not changing the same can cause real issues and they can mess with the device. If you forgot your login details then simply press the reset button for 15 seconds and everything will set to default.

Change the wireless name

Yes, changing the wireless name of your Wicommfi range extender is also important.  Service set identifier (SSID) is broadcast to the public and anyone in range can see it. So, keeping it with generic values generally gives it away. Changing SSID and not keeping anything related to you like your last name/address or your favorite car name. It’s best to give your network a more personalized moniker.

Setup Encryption

No wireless device is there which comes without encryption. A single most important segment for securing your network. It comes with some different kind of encryption types-

  • WEP-One of the first encryption to lock your network but not the one which can protect you.It is somewhere lacked in strength and securing you.
  • WPA-It was the newer version of the WEP. Can secure your network but most of the new devices do not recognize it. It also gives connecting issues and also not the one we are looking for.
  • WPA2-One of the best and still being used in newer devices. Have the ability to give stronger security and allows you to move to different networks without re-authenticating it.

Setting up your network with WPA2 and putting a password with some upper case, lower case with numbers and special characters to make it truly strong.

You will find this feature in system tab and then you have to select security mode setting. Enable it for protected and stable connection.

Turn off WPS

WiFi protected setup is a feature through which you can pair any device when encryption is on. It’s not hard to connect to a router using WPS. It’s always best to disable your WPS when not in use.


This device comes with three different filtering features that are mentioned below.

  • IP Filtering
  • URL Filtering
  • Usage schedule

Through these settings, you can block any device, website or schedule internet time to restrict usage.