How WicommFi Extenders are Replacing Broadband Routers?


A Router is the most important part of a network as more homes and offices have multiple devices to connect and use. Various advance features are present in most of the routers which most of us don’t know how to use. These routers cost you around $200 or $300 or maybe more than that. So, to save your money, WicommFi extenders step in and change the perspective of WiFi networking. This device can be your hero as it can be a router/repeater/access point. For now, we will talk about its router mode.

If you are thinking to spend $300 for a router then stop right here and look at the WicommFi premium range of extenders and know about them. The WicommFi extender is loaded with some features which dominate the industry. The looks and performance has given another reason to go for this extender. First of all, setting up any router is not easy if a user encounters any problem while doing so. Just Plug and play is mentioned on the box of each router. But it doesn’t work for everyone. Wicommfi gives you a solution for this !!

QR code setup option is one of the best and unique features available in this extender. Scan ‘N’ setup your extender and once logged in, you can change the mode as per your convenience. Now, let me tell you if your router stopped working or if you are looking for getting a new one then Wicommfi extender can be the first choice. It costs you same as any other extender in the industry but less than that of a router. Even when you have a router that is not performing well then putting this extender with your router like a repeater or an access point can solve your problem. It boosts your network range and speed. You may have seen 5 GHz band in a router or extender but this extender has 5.8 GHz frequency band.

Higher frequency means less interference. Streaming and online gaming experience will enhance and will be at its best. If you travel a lot then using this extender as an access point will perform better than any other travel router. Also, it’s easier to setup than any other consolidated wireless device.

Connecting on different networks, like when you are in a coffee shop or using friend’s network it may not be as secure as you don’t know who else is using the same network. And that someone can harm your privacy. So, simply travel with your own network. You can connect your extender to different networks and create your own secure network. It comes with advance security encryption layer to provide a more secure network.

You will get a high performance with WicommFi premium range extenders. Get easy setup guide over the website and tutorials that you can see to change the mode. WicommFi is bringing change in the networking industry as you cannot buy different devices for each situation. Because of its three operational modes, device is named as three in one extender. Wherever you are, travel with this new genius and make your life swift and secure.