How does a Wireless Range Extender help in improving wireless connectivity ?

How does a Wireless Range Extender help in improving wireless connectivity ?

When you really requirehigh speed internet connectivity for all your need like streaming online music, playing online games etc. but your wireless network does not meet your expectations. Then it might be time to consider a wireless range extender also known as a booster or a repeater. Interrupted internet with buffering creates zero tolerance when you are playing an online game or watching your favorite movie or TV series.

This device can be used to provide internet at the dead zone areas that spot at your home/office where Wi-Fi signals are very weak. With all the physical barriers such as metal appliances, architectural interference may affect the strength of wireless signaland createbad impact on the existing wireless signal. Wi-Fi Range Extenders, also known as wifi booster, are a simple and economical way to eliminate these dead zones.

In this article we will discuss, what exactly a Wireless Range Extenderis and how does a Wireless Range Extender help in improving wireless connectivity?

What is Wireless Range Extender?

A Wireless range extender or repeater is a device that helps to boost your Wi-Fi signals by receiving the signal from your router and broadcasting it to the area of your house that could be using a signal boost. A Wi-Fi Range Extender is also known as internet signal booster that can boost your wireless signal beyond its coverage. This networking device holds the attention in the market as it is the fastest and most economical way to expand your Wi-Fi coverage, also help to minimize a number of dead spots and have excellent connectivity at any place at your home. The great advantage of this device is that it is fast to setup and thus improves your wireless connectivity.

The existing router at your place may not be able to provide proper Wi-Fi signals in all corners of the home or office, as there is interference from walls, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and various other devices. With this extender, you can avoid extra expenses for Wi-Fi range extension.

How does aWireless Range Extender Works?

A wireless router extendereffectively contains two wireless routers, similar to the wireless router that you already have in your home or office. One of these wireless routers picking up the existing wirelesssignals and then it transmits the signal on to the second wireless router, which then transmits the boosted signal. Firstly, the wifi boostereliminates dead zones by increasing the signal strength of your network and then it becomes a Wi-Fi extender as it re-transmits your wireless signal from further away.

How to install a Range Extender?

First of all you need to install or setup a wireless range extender at your home or office. Setting up the internet signalboosteris very easy. All you have to do is place your range extender next to your wireless router and plug in the repeater into a power outlet. After connecting the range extender to your router or computer, you can then log into the Wi-Fi repeater by using your computer or laptop, and login credentials of your existing Wi-Fi network, to allow the wireless router extenderto connect and extend the Wi-Fi signals.

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